Mailer from Amazon

Please note that effective 1st July, 2017 the GSTIN number will become a mandatory requirement for sellers to sell in India, except in certain circumstances, which vary from state to state. As per the requirements provided under GST law, you need to provide your provisional GSTIN ID to Amazon to continue selling on
You can win Seller Rewards worth INR 1,000 for updating GSTIN, for a limited time, and subject to the applicable terms.


You will need to complete the following steps to win the reward
1.Update your GSTIN on your Seller Central account
2.Visit the Amazon Seller Rewards Website.
3.Click on ‘GST Contest’ on the homepage of the seller rewards website
4.Click on ‘Subscribe’ button on the page which opens. Click on the link in ‘Steps to Act’ for the qualifying question.
5.Answer such qualifying questions and click on submit. The winners will be announced on the same page.
6.Your participation in the ‘GST contest’ will be governed by terms and conditions of the said contest.

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