Many registrars are offering .net domains, new registration at concessional rates between May 9 and May 11, 2017 . The reason for this promo is not known , however it is good opportunity to register some cheap domains for the first year. If it becomes difficult to make money, these domains can always be dropped to reduce renewal fees.
Though there are many gtlds now at a very low cost, most seo and other companies are only interested in .com, .net and .org domains , it is relatively difficult to sell advertising on .info and .biz domain names.
Since google is penalizing link sellers, margins are low, and the discounted domains are the best way to reduce expenses for the first year. Most of the new domains have to be dropped after 1-3 years due to google deindexation, algorithm changes.
Prices are as follows
Bigrock – Rs 99 , $1.54
Dynadot – $3.85