Utopia 2.0

utopiaIn my opinion, the new TV program UTOPIA is one of the worst shows I have ever seen.

I commented on their site:

“Another contrived piece of crap. Garbage in, garbage out. 5000 applicants? How hard would it have been to find a better group?”

and they responded with,

“Utopia If you think you would be better, then submit an application! www.utopiatvcasting.com”

Clearly, they missed my point. The premise is flawed. It is designed to fail. They pretend they are presenting a glimpse at a real attempt at creating Utopia, but the obvious fact is they are just another in a long line of contrived, controversial, reality shows. What all these shows have in common is their lack of reality.

So rather than take their bait, I decided to create a better show (at least on paper). This is the show that someone could do, that would have everyone’s interest… except the advertisers. This is what people want to see, they want it to happen, but media moguls, politicians, and statists will do anything to prevent it from seeing the light of day.

The idea of creating a “Utopia” has been around since the beginning of time. But when one contemplates “creating” a Utopia, they don’t seed the start up group with obvious problems.
Consider the book “Atlas Shrugged”. In the book, a pseudo Utopia is created by recruiting the best and brightest, and making sure that they all share the same philosophy. How many of the original group of 15 in the TV show Utopia do you imagine would be recruited by John Galt? I’d say exactly zero! In fact, many on this show are more believable as a stimulus for others to seek out a new Utopia.

I present these idea freely. If anyone wants to take these ideas and run with them, great. Would I join? Almost certainly. Do I believe it would create Utopia? No, but it would be a damn site better than almost anywhere else in the US. Unfortunately, I fear that it would also become a target for IRS, FBI, and other government trolls intent on stealing the labor of others and destroying anything that potentially challenges the status quo, or government control.

Just for lack of a better name, lets call this proposed project, FUDC, Inc. (lets assume that is an acronym for Freedom Until Destroyed by Criminals)

FUDC would be a non-profit organization established to test the feasibility of bringing together individuals to work together to establish a self-sufficient community. The goal is to create a sustainable environment capable of producing all the food, water, shelter, power, recreation, education, and income required to sustain the members of the organization, while reducing the dependence on sources outside of the organization.

This project would make every effort to recruit individuals with similar belief systems to reduce conflict. Therefore, since this is my idea, I would want to surround myself with anarchists who embrace the zero aggression principal, who distain the idea of central government, who abhor the notion of a monopoly of force by a government, and who believe in natural law. More could be said, but you get the gist, and the founders of the organization would have to outline the core principal beliefs.

Under FUDC, individuality would be encouraged. Individuals would not be required to live together, but encouraged to voluntarily work towards a set of mutually beneficial goals, as agreed to in advance, in the most efficient way. Voluntary association would be the key. Here is how I imagine the initial steps:

1. Gather a core group of like-minded freedom advocates. (say 20 people)
2. Establish FUDC as a non-profit organization.
3. Elect a board of advisors
4. The board would create a “constitution”, bylaws, or rules, and establish consequences for violations. This would be presented to the core group and discussed and polished until there was unanimous consent on the rules and conditions.
5. Find a suitable property to carry out the project. Calculate the cost of securing a lease on the property. This might be 50 – 500 acres or rural land, that has established structures, plumbing, power plant, 2 or 3 water sources, roads, fencing, etc. – Alternatively, this could be a hotel, resort, farm, apartment complex, missile silo, or office building. Whatever the board and members agree would be the best location to achieve their goals.
6. The board should set a minimum and maximum number of initial residents (or participants) for the project, based on what they believe would give the project the greatest opportunity to succeed.
7. Recruit EXPERTS to submit an application to be among the initial core participants. A partial list of the first 50 might include:
a. Plumbers
b. Electricians
c. Doctors – MD, DDS, Chiropractic, Surgeon, Vets, Alternative Healing, etc.
d. General Contractor, especially with expertise in inexpensive alternative building methods. (Cob, earthbag, container, dome, etc.)
e. Solar electricity expert
f. Someone experienced with wood gasification
g. Wind power expert
h. Survivalist
i. Master Gardeners
j. Nutritionist, raw foodists, chefs
k. Experienced home school educators
l. Experts in primitive skills
m. Hunting guides
n. Artists
o. Organic farmers
p. Herbalist
q. Brew masters
r. Experts on seed storage, food storage, and cooking from home food storage
s. Broadcasters
t. Experts in TV, Radio, and Internet production
u. Marketing experts
v. Finance managers
w. Coupon Gurus
x. Engineers
8. Draw up a business plan, including a budget that would provide 12 months operating expenses. Initial funding could come from the following sources.
a. Auction off the Book Rights, movie rights, TV rights, marketing rights (to sell official logo products).
b. Sell 2 week permits to film. This could go to online journalists who wanted to come to the property as paying guests for 2 weeks to film, interview, and observe.
c. Set up a broadcasting station, which would broadcast a terrestrial radio program as well as podcast and videos for online distribution. The radio station could take on investors as well as sell advertising.
d. Crowdfunding or crowdsourcing which would allow supporters to pledge donations if the target funds were reached. Donors could be awarded visits, clothing, signed pictures, interviews, etc. in exchange for generous donations.
e. Charge a participant fee to some or all of the participants. For example if initial recruiting believed 2 plumbers, doctors, and master gardeners were a requirement to success, they might waive the fee to those who were the most qualified for those positions. However, once they filled their quota of desired medical personnel, if others wanted to join, whose main proficiency was in the medical profession, they might be seen as redundant to the immediate needs of the project. They might be offered an opportunity to enter with an admission fee. This would help defray the startup costs, and confirm the commitment of those applicants. As an example, this fee might be equal to the cost of one years dry food, plus the cost of housing, water, and power, unless the participant was able to provide his own food and housing.
9. Once the required budget has been raised, sign the lease, order in long term food storage, bring in those required to work on the build out. Build the broadcast studio, the common areas, the medical facility, etc.
10. After initial build-out is complete, bring in the remainder of the initial participants.
11. Once all who plan to reside on the property have arrived, operate for two weeks and work out any major bugs.
12. The board should appoint or vote for key officers of the organization.
13. Key personnel should be assigned to their jobs and a form of payment should be devised. A currency (decided previously) should be used to compensate those providing services. Some may agree to work X number of hours a week for FUDC in exchange for inclusion in the project. Others may agree to come with different conditions.


If this project takes place in the United States, it is illegal for individuals to create money. However, if they decide to use silver and gold, as the “official currency” within the project, others would still be free to barter, use bit coin, or trade with anything they wish as long as all parties involved agree to the terms. Assuming silver and gold are the official currency, a “fair day’s wage” might be considered a silver dime. However, a doctor could decide to charge a silver dime for every visit, or two silver dimes for every house call.

Regarding services provided for the project by skilled (recruited experts) professionals, their “wage structure” would be set prior to joining, and their fees would be non-negotiable for the initial duration of the project on work performed at the request of FUDC, Inc. Those experts would be free to set their own prices for other (private) work provided. They could trade eggs, ammo, beef, fence posts, cigarettes, or whatever they choose for services rendered.

Must be voluntary. FUDC would not fund any structures, or support in any way any religious efforts. If some wish to voluntarily gather and practice a religion, they would be free to do so, as long as it did not interfere with the freedoms of others.

Guns, Nudity, Noise, Hunting, Alcohol, Alternative Healing
As long as the practice does not violate the rights and freedom of others, FUDC has no issue with it. However, if state laws are broken, the individual alone will be held responsible, not FUDC. Therefore, FUDC forbids, but does not agree to enforce any illegal activity, except that which violates the bylaws and rules defined by the board and supported by the participants.

Medical Freedom
Any who wish to experiment with non-government approved healing may do so as long as all parties involved agree to voluntarily participate. FUDC will not do any policing, enforcing, or reporting of experimental or un licensed practicing of healing. If FUDC becomes the new center for medical tourism, it will be without the knowledge or support of FUDC. The individuals involved are personally responsible for any consequences.

Conflict Resolution
A mediation board would settle any conflicts that could not be resolved amicably by the parties involved. This would include 12 individuals selected randomly from the participants. The bylaws would spell out how to deal with difficult situations that require force or damages.

FUDC would not have a police presence. Instead, natural law and the bylaws would serve as the law of the land. In the event that someone was harmed or violated, individuals would be expected to resolve the issue or go before the mediation board. The bylaws would spell out how to deal with those who refuse to deal civilly with others or who refuse to attend a mediation hearing.

While all participation is voluntary, some work would be required, and agreed to prior to acceptance into the project. This might be as a part time or full time capacity in their chosen field, or as an on-call advisor. For instance, a master gardener may be a full time position, while an engineer may only be called on for a few hours a month.

Division of labor
Crops, water systems, electrical systems, roads, fences, and fire control are things that might be shared among large numbers of the participants. However, some may choose to live off-property, or to have their own private water and power systems. Others may choose to take responsibility for growing all their own foods. Those who wish to share in these things can purchase a “share”. For a more in-depth description of this see http://www.localharvest.org/csa/.

Adding New Blood

The board will determine the maximum population of the property. Some participants may choose to live off-property. Others may wish to join the project. The rate that new participants are added will be determined by supply and demand and by vote of current participants. For example, lets assume that the maximum capacity of the property is 2000 and there are only 200 people residing on the property. There may be 100 new applicants in March who would like to join. 100 want to work in the garden, 50 want to pay $10,000, and 50 are families that just want to live here but can’t afford the fee and can’t commit to the physical labor in the garden. The board might approve the first 150, and then the rest of the community might also vote unanimously to approve them. Then out of the remaining 50 in families, some of the existing participants might pledge their support. Maybe they can offer them housing and jobs. Maybe they can put up the money to bring them into the project. If that is the case, the community would then vote to approve them under those conditions.

FUDC will not supervise or fund charity, welfare, or schooling. If this is offered at all, it will be by voluntary agreement among individuals. Medical facilities will be provided, but treatment and cost are between doctor and patient. Group parties, meals, events may be planned, but participation is voluntary. Community meetings may be held, but participation will be voluntary.


This idea is a work in progress. All are invited to contribute ideas on how it can be improved. Who knows? One day, if enough people want to give this a try, maybe the plan can be put into action. I believe this plan is much more realistic, and would create an environment far closer to Utopia than the directors of the TV show “Utopia” are capable of creating. While it might be interesting to keep tabs on progress and struggles, I can’t imagine a Utopia where there is nowhere to escape video and audio surveillance, or proselytizing by religious zealots.

Utopia means something different to everyone. I believe it is impossible to create an environment where everyone believes it is perfect. Despite that, I believe the common desire is for more personal liberty; More time to enjoy, less stress, better health, happier relationships, better air and water quality, and more control over the fruits of your labor.

If this plan resonates with you, share it and contribute your suggestions on how it can be improved.

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Department of Injustice Responds to FBI’s CAT Flyer

Department of injustice2

Tyranny Early Warning Group

The FBI has released 25 flyers designed to help businesses identify and report suspicious behavior. The FBI alleges that these behaviors are indicators of “Terrorist Activities.”

Many of these so-called indicators are so common, that one can conclude that the FBI want’s business owners to accept that 90% of America is made up of “Domestic Terrorists.”

Sources have uncovered a flyer that seems to be an attempt at satire, in direct response to the FBI’s CAT Flyers.

View the Department of Injustice Flyer – CAT Alert

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FUDC – UT Considering Banning Carpooling

free market5

Today I want to talk about car pooling. For years, the government has been encouraging car pooling. Cities have spent millions of dollars on car pool lanes and advertisements to encourage people to share rides. But for one reason or another, it never really caught on.

But now, some clever, entrepreneur has come up with a way to let people who want to share rides use an app on their iPhone or smart phone to match them with someone who can give them a ride. It uses Facebook profiles and pictures so people have some idea who they are sharing a ride with and can decide before the ride arrives.

But the day I heard of this, I said, I guarantee you that the government will try to ban this.

ksl lyft art1

Today, Lyft announced that it is coming to Utah, and already, Salt Lake City leaders are trying to figure out how they can control and manipulate it so that they get a big fat slice of the pie.

The Salt Lake City Airport Ground Transportation office Manager Larry Bowers
said he intends to consult with the Mayor’s office, because he believes Lyft drivers would be operating illegally.
Currently, ground transportation operators have to carry a business license, must be badged through the airport and must undergo strict security screenings from the Transportation Security Administration.
Bowers says he believes “substantial penalties” and fines are likely if Lyft drivers operate without becoming properly registered through the city.

free market2

free market

This is a perfect example of how the free market makes things better. Someone saw an opportunity, and created an app to help a niche of people who were not being served by the current system. He saw a demand, and supplied a solution. If people see value, and they have, they will support the idea. If competitors see this new offering as a threat, they can compete on a level playing field, by copying his ideas and improving service.

free market3

supply and demand

We don’t have a supply and demand system anymore. We don’t have a free market. What we have is a mafia style government who wants you to kiss their ring and ask for permission to operate on their turf.


This mafia style, top down government is anathema to freedom. The voters should make their voices heard. They should call the mayor, the city councilmen, the governor, and tell them to STAND DOWN!
Tell them we are sick of their intrusion on free enterprise.

Exercise your rights! Let your law makers know that you want them OUT of the equation when it comes to ride sharing!
lyft profile

You can subscribe to FUDC podcast at iTunes, or listen at FUDC.org.

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Bundy Ranch 2

What Does the Cattle Battle in Nevada Have to do with Me?
harry reid

This is a follow up to yesterday’s Podcast on the ongoing case of Clive Bundy being run off his Nevada ranch has a great deal to teach us.

Bundy paid the BLM for grazing rights.
Once they started using the fees to shut down cattle operations, to restrict the number of cattle, and to raise the fees so high that ranching was not profitable, Bundy challenged their authority.

There have been at least 10 supreme court and state court decisions, going back to the 80′s that clearly state that “Police have no legal duty to respond and prevent crime or protect the victim.”

If police aren’t there to protect YOU, who are they there to protect?
Police are there to enforce laws, to collect revenue, to keep the peace, and to protect government officials. Police have been bought off by the Federal government with expensive “toys” (as they call them). These toys include $600,000 armored vehicles, tanks, body armor, full auto weapons, communications devices, and more. And all they have to give up to get these goodies, is a promise to back the feds, work with the feds, and not interfere with them when they are on operations in their state or city, but instead give them whatever manpower and support that they need to carry out their operations.

Every year, there are more laws, more police, more speed traps, more fines, more complicated court procedures, more cameras, more SWAT teams, more unconstitutional no knock raids, more cases of police brutality, more cases of police raping women, more cases of police involved in crime – including drugs and theft, and less concern for your rights.

At the same time, more laws are written to restrict private business and the police can be counted on to enforce these new measures, whether they are constitutional or not.

But what happens when a cop abuses his power?
Usually, they are given a paid vacation of two weeks to a month, while the union lawyers and there bosses sit down to try to image a plausible defense. About 98% of the time the police are let off scot-free, because the mayor, the police chief, and the union thugs don’t want to embarrass the department or the town. Cops are even rewarded with a promotion or recognition for valor in the field.
But rarely are they ever convicted of a crime, and on the rare occasion that they are, their punishment is reduced to the point of ridiculousness.

They all think they are in a private club that is able to operate above the law. They watch each others backs. Cops get away with murder, and the judge who sets them free gets an army of goons to protect him.

So what has this got to do with Cliven Bundy, you may be asking? Everything. Bundy has watched as every single rancher in NV was run off. He knows that the government is out of control at every level, and he is shining a spotlight on them. So they came out to silence him. They didn’t expect that people would be supportive of this “rich” rancher who refuses to pay his “fair share” to the government.
But the government agents brought heavy equipment, snipers, drones, helicopters, and 200 armed men and police dogs. They came to intimidate and murder, if intimidation was not effective.
Now, Bundy has embarrassed the establishment.
Now it has come to light that Harry Reid wants the Bundy Ranch for an oil fracking lease.
This is about MONEY! The kind of money that oil companies and Chinese energy companies can pay!

When you get stopped going down the hill for going for 45 in a 40 MPH zone, it’s not about safety… it’s about MONEY!
If a cop writes 15 tickets a day, 5 days a week, 25 weeks a year, with an average of $200.00 per ticket (most go uncontested) that’s a cool $375,000 a year. If you put 200 officers out there doing this, you are looking at $75,000,000 – coming out of our pocket, after taxes.
Are you getting more freedom? More safety? Less crime?

We are funding the police to take away more of our freedom, and more of our money.

Clive Bundy refused to keep doing that. Instead, he challenged their authority, and learned that they didn’t have the authority under the constitution. Now, he’s fighting.

When there is someone who is fighting the fight you can’t, that will help us all, you owe it to yourself to learn about the case and join the fight?

The tyrannical government is out of control. They need to be challenged by Americans who are willing to fight for change.

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Bundy Ranch – 12 Step Program

Today’s show is a follow up, to the Bundy Ranch event.
Range Showdown

What happened?
The BLM – Bureau of Land Management ordered Cliven Bundy off of the land his family has been working cattle on for over 140 years.
They brought in 200 armed personnel, including snipers, BLM officers, police dogs, helicopters, and an MRAP.
They killed over 100 head of cattle, roped off a “free speech zone”, slammed, poked, threatened and tazed, protestors, and blocked off public roads and access to over 300 miles of land.
Protestors claim that Bundy has a right to this land. On the other side of the fence, many believe that Bundy has not paid his “fair share” and should have to pay the money to the government for use of “our land”.
The Feds have spent over $3,000,000 to remove Bundy and his cattle.

Federal Charges – The BLM claims that due to non-payment of grazing fees, the court ordered Bundy off the BLM Land. The feds claim that with fees, penalties, and interest, Bundy owes over $1.2 million.

Bundy’s Claim – His family has been using and improving the land since 1877, longer than the BLM has been in existence. He initially paid grazing fees, until they began to use the money and the power of the Federal government to shut down his business. At that point, he challenged their authority, claiming instead that the rightful owner of the land was Clark County, NV, not the federal government. He offered to pay grazing fees to Clark County. Bundy calculates that in the first 18 years they compounded over $300,000 in fees. During the last 4 years the Feds have increased that $300,000 to over $1,100,000.

What the Law States – There are three schools of thought on this. The first is The Homestead Act of 1862. According to statute, a citizen over twenty-one years of age and head of a family could claim up to 160 acres of surveyed, unclaimed public domain. Title to the land could be established after the homesteader resided on the land for five years, made certain improvements, and paid claim registration fees.

The second and third schools of though are brilliantly illustrated in an article by Michael Lofti – based on Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2 of the Constitution, which is know as the “Property Clause”.
Article IV deals exclusively with state-to-state relations such as protection from invasion, slavery, full faith and credit, creation of new states and so on.
The clause was drafted to constitutionalize the Northwest Ordinance, which the Articles of Confederation did not have the power to support.
The Property Clause and Northwest Ordinance are both limited in power and scope. Once a state is formed and accepted in the union, the federal government no longer has control over land within the state’s borders. From this moment, such land is considered property of the sovereign state. The continental United States is now formed of fifty independent, sovereign states. No “unclaimed” lands are technically in existence. Therefore, the Property Clause no longer applies within the realm of federal control over these states.
Article 1 Section 8
The powers of Congress are found only in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution.
Article I, Section 8 does lay forth the possibility of federal control over some land.

Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 is known as the Enclave Clause. The clause gives federal control over the “Seat of Government” (Washington D.C.) and land that has been purchased by the federal government with consent of the state legislature to build military posts and other needful buildings (post offices and other structures pursuant to Article I, Section 8). Nothing more. 
State permission was explicitly emphasized while drafting this clause. The founders and respective states insisted (with loud cries) that the states must consent before the federal government could purchase lands from the states. Nowhere in this clause will you find the power for Congress to exercise legislative authority through regulation over 80% of Nevada, 55% of Utah, 45% of California, 70% of Alaska, etc. unless the state has given the federal government the formal authority to do so, which they have not.

Justice Stephen J. Field wrote for the majority opinion in Fort Leavenworth Railroad Co. v. Lowe (1855) that federal authority over territorial land was “necessarily paramount.” However, once the territory was organized as a state and admitted to the union on equal ground, the state government assumes sovereignty over federal lands, and the federal government retains only the rights of an “individual proprietor.” This means that the federal government could only exercise general sovereignty over state property if the state legislature formally granted the federal government the power to do so under the Enclave Clause with the exception of federal buildings (post offices) and military installations. This understanding was reaffirmed in Lessee of Pollard v. Hagan (1845), Permoli v. Municipality No. 1 of the city of New Orleans (1845) and Strader v. Graham (1850).

With Camfield v. United States (1897), Light v. United States (1911),  Kleppe v. New Mexico (1976) and multiple other cases regarding commerce, federal supremacists have effectively erased the constitutional guarantee of state control over property.
Which brings us to April 2014 and the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.

In Section 22 of the Nevada Constitution, eminent domain is clarified. The state Constitution requires that the state prove public need, provide compensation and documentation before acquiring private property. In order to grant land to the federal government, the state must first control this land.
Bundy’s family has controlled the land for more than 140 years.

What the current status is – As of April 12, 2014 the BLM has issued this statement released Saturday morning:
“As we have said from the beginning of the gather to remove illegal cattle from federal land consistent with court orders, a safe and peaceful operation is our number one priority. After one week, we have made progress in enforcing two recent court orders to remove the trespass cattle from public lands that belong to all Americans.
Based on information about conditions on the ground, and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public.
We ask that all parties in the area remain peaceful and law-abiding as the Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service work to end the operation in an orderly manner.”

My 12 Step Plan -I propose that Americans take the following actions for the safety of all people and for the sovereignty of states.
1. Contact your state legislators and ask for proof of payment from the Federal Government for all “BLM” Land and any other land that is “controlled” by the FedGov.
2. Issue cease and desist orders to the FedGov regarding all un-deeded lands that they are currently occupying.
3. Any individual that has been occupying land or has developed land – either via BLM lease or not, can apply for title, which can be reviewed by a state board.
4. Any land that was previously held by BLM control can now be disposed of by the states, or managed by the states as determined by the legislators and the people of that state.
5. Any existing leases or agreements that have been issued by the BLM or other factions of the FedGov will be void, and those claimants can petition states to re-issue similar leases, which may or may not be granted. Any legal actions regarding those claims will be to the BLM and FedGov who were trespassers at the time that those leases were issued.
6. States need to clearly establish states rights, and issue a warning to the FedGov that infringements on states rights and individual rights within their borders will no longer be tolerated.
7. States need to come together and order the FedGov to leave law making to the legislators and not the Supreme Courts. Any and all “laws” which were derived by Supreme Court decisions should be re-visited by legislators to determine their validity and must be voted into law by congress within 12 months, or considered null and void.
8. From this point forward, states will no longer recognize the FedGov’s authority to create new laws that affect states. Each state will have sovereignty to determine laws on business practices, agriculture, environment, food safety, drug use, vehicle safety, licensure, education, and marriage.
9. The amount of Federal tax a resident of a state will have to pay will be determined by each state, based on the amount of Federal assistance they require/desire.
10. If a state wishes to secede from the United States, based on US foreign policy, excessive taxation, or for any reason, they may do so without interference from the FedGov or any of it’s agencies.
11. States may enter into an arrangement with other independent states or the US Government for for “collective defense” similar to NATO agreements, but is under no obligation to do so.
12. States may opt to create their own monetary systems without pressure or interference from the US FedGov.

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FUDC Great Depression

The New Greater Depression.
Fran, Dale and John engage in an interesting, and maybe a little depressing, talk about electronic breadlines, the new depression, and the fall of an empire.

The Depression Facts

The real unemployment rate, wnd.com; Jerome Corsi – according to John Williams of shadowstats.com, US rate in July was 23.3% not 7.4%. Even the government’s own U-6 number, which includes some short time discouraged workers and part-time workers seeking full time employment is around 12%, though you’re not likely to see this figure on the evening news!Breadlines: Then and now

Sykes spoke about a situation that he said existed today. The economy in 2011 is not the one we have in 2013. Among other big differences, unemployment is lower by 1.4 percentage points. But according to Explistats.com “…disappointingly, the trend down in unemployment continues to be fueled by a reduction in the labor force participation rate: Fewer people are looking for a job.”

Updating the numbers
We went to several agency websites to determine what their participation figures look like today. In every case that we could check, they had declined.
Subsidized housing:  
The 2011 survey had 13 million. For 2012, we found 9 million.
SNAP (food stamps):  
The 2011 survey had 49 million. For 2013, we found 47 million.
The 2011 survey had 82 million. For 2013, we found 72 million.
TANF (welfare):  
The 2011 survey had 5.8 million. For 2013, we found 3.7 million.
In contrast, the number of full-time workers went up. The article cited 101 million. In 2013, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 142 million.

We are unable to duplicate the Census Bureau method for 2013. It was based on a survey and used statistical techniques to generate its figures.

2013 US Population 319.6 Million
101 Million get food aid from government. (⅓ of US population) at a cost of $114 Billion in 2012

101M Get Food Aid From Federal Govt; Outnumber Full-Time Private Sector Workers

The 23,116,928 million households nation-wide on food stamps in June, 2013 also outnumbered the 15,030,000 home-owning households in the entire Western United States in the second quarter of the year and the 18,018,000 home-owning households in the entire Midwest.

The West, as delineated by the Census Bureau, includes Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii. So, the number of households taking food stamps in June outnumbered all of the home-owning households in all of these States combined.

Also check out this: 23,116,928 to 20,618,000: Households on Food Stamps Now Outnumber All Households in Northeast U.S.

Baby Boomers are Poised to Create the Greatest Depression in History

‘Death Spiral’ States? It’s interesting to note that by some criteria, such as the fact that the number of individuals receiving food aid outnumbers private sector workers, the entire U.S. may be considered to be in a “Death Spiral.”

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FUDC Stereotyping Cops

This episode of FUDC is a response to a debate that started on a Facebook thread. Rather than get all wound up typing messages back and forth to some folks who are not willing to do any real research, or digging of their own, and are apparently too lazy to click on the links I provided for them to get more information on the subject… I just figured it would be easier to do a radio show on the subject and use their ignorance to hopefully bring the subject to light for others.

Fran, John, and Dale are in studio discussing the threat. We follow this show up with an interview with a police officer who was recently arrested for an act of civil disobedience, a man who concurs with many of the points I make in this podcast. To hear the follow up show, listen to our interview with Ericson Harrell.

cop donut

join the police


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FUDC Exclusive Interview with Ericson Harrell

Ericson Harrell Interview
Ericson Harrell

Fran and John in studio, Ericson Harrell joins us via cellphone from Miami, FL. The audio quality of his phone call isn’t perfect, but this is a great interview, well worth a listen (or two).

(North Miami Officer Arrested for wearing a mask during peaceful protest.)

YouTube Video Interview
“In this video Red Pill Philosophy and WeAreChange get an exclusive interview with a Florida police officer who was recently arrested for refusing to take off his Guy Fawkes mask during a protest. Ericson Harrell, who’s a 15 year veteran of the Florida PD and a military veteran, tells us why he decided to protest and stand up for his rights by not taking off the V for Vendetta mask. In this video, we discuss his arrest, police abuse, the current state of politics and the freedom movement.”

To find out more about Officer Ericson Harrell check out Ericson Harrell on facebook

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TSA Stupidity Revisited

TSA Confiscates Dangerous Gun Shaped Trinket
Posted on December 9, 2013

I am republishing three articles from 2010, because it became clear today that the imbeciles at TSA STILL don’t understand the difference between a plastic trinket the size of a quarter, and a lethal weapon.

Back in 2010, I called for the TSA to be dismantled, and today, I am calling for it again. It is a useless, scandal ridden joke. It’s main function is to get us accustomed to getting search, scanned, questioned, and violated by morons in costumes. In that, they have been successful, but it is time to put an end to these violations of our rights.

Yesterday, they took a 2″ toy gun off of a sock monkey. It seems that the TSA agents are now trying to recruit the sock monkey as a supervisor, due to his superior intellect over all of the agents on duty that day.

Sock monkey’s IQ higher than any TSA Agent. He may be the best candidate for new TSA supervisor.

tsa gun

Here are the old articles chronicling my event:

My latest brush with TSA/Homeland Security
December 16, 2010 at 1:07am
Although I was in Canada, there is a US Customs entry at the Edmonton airport. I was stopped at the luggage scanner because the screener was alarmed by what she saw on the screen. I heard her ask her fellow TSA agent, “is that real?”. He then asked me if he could go through my luggage.

“What do you think is in there?” I asked.

“Is there anything you didn’t bring?” he replied.

Now at this point, I was concerned that I might have left some ammo in my bag, or something like that, but to my surprise, it was much worse. Imagine my horror when he pulled out my FNP 40. FN (Fabrique Nationale) is a good gun, and it is the manufacturer of my carry gun, a 13-shot .40 caliber semi-auto pistol. But, how could I be so stupid as to leave that in my luggage? Wait…. no, it wasn’t my carry gun, it was… well, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Is this 1.5 inch trinket worth detaining me for???
There you go. A trinket on my keychain had alarmed them. A replica (monopoly piece sized) gun, with NO moving parts, NO hollow barrel or openings, and too small to do any damage even if it were possible to put some form of ammo in it.

They told me this was a prohibited item. I challenged them and said that they were mistaken. I assured them them keychain trinkets with no sharp edges, and no moving parts were NOT banned from luggage. They insisted. So I insisted on taking a photo of it in their hand and warned them that I wished to file a formal complaint. They got me the contact info, and confiscated my tiny gun…err trinket.

While they were stuffing my belongings back into my bag, they sort of mumbled an excuse…”you know, we don’t agree with everything that we have to do here, but we have to follow these rules.” And I said, “that’s a bunch of crap and you know it. You know damn well that your job is not to confiscate trinkets. Your job is to take away our dignity, take away our keychains, and take away our minty fresh breath. Taking away trinkets and toothpaste doesn’t make anybody safer.”

A few minutes later, I decided that if I were to make a formal report, I needed the names of the agents I was reporting. I re-entered the area with my MP3 recorder running, and asked for their names. The supervisor came over and told me I could not have their names, but I needed to use his, and he spelled it out for me, Timothy Garner. He asked what the problem was, and I went through it again, having the agent bring him the trinket. He agreed that it did not seem like a threat, but that it might be perceived as dangerous. Puzzled, I asked him how the two statements were different.

He supported the confiscation, and understood that I would be filing a formal complaint. My parting words to him were, “I think sometimes things go too far, and I think that this is one of those cases.”

Now if this were a privately owned, for profit company, can you imagine any employee confiscating such an item? Not in a million years. Only a government run operation is capable of such nonsense. Only when you have employees that are prohibited from using common sense, or their own good judgement, is it possible to so something like this. TSA, Public School, a courthouse, or some other federal, state, or city office is the only place you can encounter this kind of monumental stupidity.

IF this were to ever happen at a private business, there would be an apology, the item would be returned, and the employee would likely be fired for being too stupid to work there, for fear that by not firing him, it might cost the business owner customers. Yet, these folks at the airports, these TSA drones offend people every day, costing the airlines customers, irritating travelers, and confiscating valuable possessions from folks just wishing to travel economically.

TSA/Homeland Security part II
December 16, 2010 at 2:13am
After the confiscation of the monopoly game-sized gun trinket, I boarded the plane. As I sat down, I was chuckling and I showed the guy next to me the picture of the “gun” I had confiscated from me just moments earlier. As I was pulling out my noise cancelling headphones and iPod, he was quite chatty. He was asking lots of questions and trying to tell me related stories. So as I did a double-take and was wondering why he would continue to talk to me when it should be clear I want to drown out all noise and conversation, I noticed that he was around 35 – 40 years old, wearing a peacoat (on the plane), and had no book, iPod, magazine, or computer.

All of our conversation seemed to be about law enforcement, laws, rights, etc. He never told me what he did, or who he worked for, or why he was in Canada. He did however mention several times that he is around law enforcement agencies a lot, his brother is a defense attorney, and that he personally knows a lot of cops and spends a lot of time in police stations. He also though that TSA and Homeland Security agents didn’t make very much money. As you might have guessed, we didn’t agree on the everything. But there was one thing we disagreed on that bothered him more than it bothered me, and after discussing it for a while, I would say that I won the debate, and also silenced him for the remainder of the flight. Too bad we didn’t get to it before the final 10 minutes of the flight. Anyway, I am sharing the point with you in case you find yourself in a similar position, or happen to be seated next to a homeland security agent.

Statement – “Most cops are bad. I’m not saying all cops are bad, and there may be some rural cops who are still good, honest guys, just trying to keep crime down in their town. But for the most part, the large majority of cops are bad, dishonest, law breakers, who will lie in court without a speck of remorse.”

Argument – When you think of these cities, what comes to mind; Chicago, New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle.

Now, if you hear those cities and law enforcement, what comes to mind? Bad police, the ”blue wall”, and corruption. And since those few cities employ a great number of the police in the country, you can see that I have almost proved my point. But here is the real problem; All police officers KNOW the reputation of those departments, and do nothing about it.

I’m sure that some good, honest people grow up hoping to be police officers so that they can “do some good”. However, once they become cops, they see that the profession is filled with dishonest cops who break laws, lie in court, and abuse their position. Now they are faced with three options. Option 1. Quit. Option 2. Stay and change the system. Option 3. Stay and become like the other scum bag cops. ( – Now everyone uses the term scum bag from time to time, but I want to explain why I use it linked to cops. Cops are hired to keep the peace, if they are peace officers, and to enforce the law, if they are law officers. Either way, they KNOW the law and do enforce it. When they break the law, it is not through ignorance, but smugness. They are smug because they believe that they are above the law. They know that on the odd chance that they actually do get caught that anyone wearing a blue uniform will go to court and lie to protect them from punishment, embarrassment, or recourse of any kind. To me, this qualifies as scummy behavior. If you rape, you are a criminal and a scum bag. If you lie to protect a rapist, you are an accessory to a crime, and a scumbag. Cops who are willing to cover up illegal behavior of other cops are considered “brothers”, just as any gang member is considered a “brother”. Dishonest, unlawful Police officers are gangsters, that are financed by taxes and graft. That makes them scum bags.)

Now that being said, I contend that if a good, honest, well-meaning person were to join the Chicago, New York, or New Orleans PD and begin making a bunch of noise that would draw attention to or create bad publicity for the police department, or create a criminal investigation of that police department, that person’s life would be in danger.( My fellow flier agreed with this.)

So if a law officer tries to enforce the law within an organization whose purpose is to uphold the law, and that organization is willing to kill that person to protect their lawlessness… that represents organized crime.

So since the police employ people who are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and they protect liars, cheaters, and thieves… and most people who are against those behaviors quit or are fired… a rational person would conclude that the majority of police are dishonest at best and in all probability criminal.

If the ordinary citizen breaks a law, it is considered a crime. If a police officer/citizen breaks the same law, it is considered a perc.

Police make the excuse that because they deal constantly with the scourge of the earth that their view of the world is jaded…. that they don’t trust anybody – which makes them justifiably prejudiced. Well, I admit that makes sense. In fact, because I have so much first hand knowledge of unethical, unprofessional, dishonest police behavior, and because there is a never ending source of video footage of police abuse, I have good reason to not trust the police – which makes me justifiably prejudiced towards them. I think it is only logical and prudent to believe that most cops are bad.

This argument convinced me that I was right. It also convinced him that I was right. He nodded and said, that makes sense and then seemed to drift off in thought. I wonder if he was reconsidering his career options.

TSA’s reply – This qualifies for worst service ever
January 6, 2011 at 11:47pm
You may remember that last week – or was it 10 days ago? – I sent a second complaint to TSA for the way that they treated the first complaint. Below is their response. I’m not sure it is worth reading… the point is that the TSA believes that they are beyond reproach. They don’t care about complaints, because we are not their customers. They act above the law, with complete disdain for the human chattel because we are insignificant and unimportant to them. They don’t answer to us, they don’t answer to ANYONE! I’m sick to death of bureaucratic agencies abusing us and trampling our rights. I believe that the fastest way to fix this is with a class action suit. Sue the bastards for rights violations, molestation, and theft. If 50,000 people sued them, maybe then we could get their attention.

I’m through taking their crap. MY rights will not be violated by them, or this will escalate. F-em!

Dear Traveler:

Thank you for your e-mail to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Contact Center. Due to a significant increase in e-mail inquiries, TSA was unable to respond to your correspondence in a timely manner. We apologize for the delay. In an effort to resolve your concerns, included for your reference is information related to our most commonly asked questions.

Passenger Screening

Revised Patdown Procedures

At airports nationwide, TSA is implementing more streamlined, consistent, and thorough patdown procedures at security checkpoints to provide a higher level of security and increase the safety of the traveling public. Patdowns are one important tool to help TSA detect hidden and dangerous items such as explosives.

Enhanced patdown procedures are conducted by a TSO of the same gender. Passengers may request that enhanced screenings are conducted in a private location, and TSOs are required to offer a private screening to passengers who are subject to a patdown inspection of sensitive body areas. Passengers should communicate to the TSO if they are experiencing physical or emotional discomfort during the procedure. However, if a passenger declines to permit the search, he or she will not be permitted to board an aircraft. Every person and item must be screened before entering the secured area of an airport.

Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT)

AIT allows TSA to detect a wide variety of threats, including suicide vests and other improvised explosive devices that may be hidden under a passenger’s clothing and cannot be detected by walk-through metal detectors. AIT enhances security, reduces the need of patdown searches for passengers with joint replacements and other medical conditions, and improves passenger safety and convenience.

Health Concerns: AIT machines have been independently evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, the National Institute for Standards and Technology, and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, and each has affirmed the safety of AIT.
Privacy: AIT images of the body, with facial features blurred for privacy, are displayed on a remote monitor. Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) attending a passenger cannot view the AIT image; instead, a second TSO views the image in a remote location where he or she cannot view the passenger. Devices capable of capturing images are not permitted in the viewing area, and the AIT image cannot be stored, transmitted, or printed, and is immediately deleted.
Opting Out: Screenings using AIT are voluntary. Individuals who do not wish to be screened by AIT will be required to undergo alternative screening, including a thorough patdown. Signs are posted in front of each AIT location advising passengers of this right.
Children: If an adult accompanying a child 12 years old or younger opts out of AIT screening on the child’s behalf, the child will receive a modified patdown. TSA never separates a child from the accompanying adult, and the adult observes the entire patdown process.
Allowable/Permitted Items

The TSA Web site, http://www.tsa.gov, provides a guide to help passengers determine what items may be transported in carry on and in checked luggage. Regardless of whether an item is on the prohibited or permitted items list, TSOs have discretion to prohibit an individual from carrying an item through the screening checkpoint or onboard an aircraft if the item may pose a security threat.

Identification (ID) Requirements

TSA’s identity verification policy requires all adult passengers (18 years old and older) to provide a valid Federal or State Government-issued photo ID for inspection before entering the security checkpoint. IDs must contain the following: name, date of birth, gender, expiration date, and a tamper-resistant feature. TSA currently does not require commercial airline ticket holders under the age of 18 to provide a valid form of ID. Additionally, TSOs always have the option of requesting a second form of ID. If a passenger is unwilling, unable, or has an expired ID (including passports and drivers licenses), the passenger is required to undergo additional screening before entering the boarding area. Passengers whose identity cannot be verified or who refuse to undergo additional screening by TSA may be denied entry to the secured area of the airport.


To protect passenger rights under federal law and to file a valid claim, passengers must send their claim in writing to TSA, stating the circumstances of the loss and the exact amount claimed (fair market value of lost or destroyed property, reasonable cost of repair for damaged property), within 2 years after the claim accrued. Passengers may access a claim form online at TSA’s Claims Management Branch website at www.tsa.gov/travelers/customer/claims/index.shtm. Once the Claims Management Branch receives the completed claim form, passengers will be sent a letter of acknowledgement and a claim number. Passengers should keep their claim number for reference when inquiring about a claim.

We hope this information was helpful.

TSA Contact Center

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FUDC with Nathan Fraser

Welcome to FUDC Podcast. My guest tonight is Nathan Fraser

Nathan is the host of Live Free FM, and has successfully defended himself and helped others defend themselves in court – without an attorney.


We discuss his court cases where he has challenged the legitimacy of the courts and successfully defended himself and helped others without the aid of an attorney. We discuss the need to embrace pop culture to awaken the younger generation to the problems with politics. We compare the ideology of Socialism, as presented by Russell Brand, to a free market system without fiat currency. We also discuss music, public school, the reluctance of corporate America to move away from the old paradigm of hiring someone without a high school diploma or a college degree, the future of social media, and entrepreneurial efforts.
Please enjoy, share, and leave us feedback.
Subscribe to FUDC at iTunes or download our podcasts from FUDC.org.

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FUDC Underground Shelters

This is a special podcast on underground shelters. Fran, John, and Dale discuss the idea of building an underground shelter. We talk about materials, costs, locations, and the different uses for such shelters.


This was recorded via Skype with each of us in a different location. The sound quality has a couple of minor problems, but overall the quality is good and the content is worth saving.

Enjoy and send us your feedback – fudc@hush.com

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FUDC on the Decline of American Civilization

Fran, John, and Dale in studio, discussing the decline of American Civilization.

police murderers

    Show notes

Chicago cop shoots unarmed man 16 times
13 in front, 3 in back.
AG will not prosecute.
This is the THIRD shooting in 6 months for this cop!

Dave Champion Show -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KlcTwSsDhE&list=UUn6smH2WbsRCDPTwfcaKrdg

Investigator finds that of 10149 complaints about police brutality, only 19 were punished with a week or more of unpaid suspension.
(less than 2 per 1000)

Cops, judges, doctors, politicians, can’t be trusted to police themselves. It doesn’t work. The result is that NOBODY wants to be held personally responsible for their actions.

Does America need a militia court?
Can we expect the behavior of cops, judges, doctors, politicians, etc to improve under our current system?

Can pop culture, videos, and songs help inform people of the corruption and influence enough public opinion to create change?

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Facebook Page Now Linked to FUDC.org

I just linked FUDC.org to the FUDC Facebook page. This will allow the FB page to instantly update all new postings and podcasts.

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Intern Wanted

FUDC is seeking an unpaid intern to help with all aspects of production. College credits available. Prefer someone with some experience with editing software, Mac, Garageband, and others.

Send email to fudc@hush.com with resume.

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FUDC on Russell Brand and Revolution 111813

Fran, John, and Dale discuss Russell Brand’s interview on BBC, where he discusses the need for revolution.

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FUDC with Dirk Benedict

Fran and John interview Dirk Benedict.

This interview with Dirk is completely uncensored. We discuss how he cured his own cancer with Macrobiotics, the government, A-Team, Battle Star Galactica, Diets, Brown Rice, Cigars, Second-hand smoke, the feminization of boys, his kids, Life in Montana, and more.
Unfortunately, we had some technical problems and Dirk couldn’t hear us too well, so at times, it may seem like he is ignoring us. In fact, he does a fantastic job of carrying the show, and never even lets on that we are having technical problems. He is an absolute pro, and one of the best guests we have ever had the pleasure of interviewing.

Dirk stared in Battlestar Galactica, A-Team,  20 movies and TV series, and on stage.
Dirk Benedict is an American movie, television and stage actor who played the characters Lieutenant Templeton “Faceman” Peck in The A-Team television series and Lieutenant Starbuck in the original Battlestar Galactica film and television series.

Books: “Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy”, “And Then We Went Fishing: A Story of Fatherhood, Fate and Forgiveness”

Today, our special guest is the Kamikaze Cowboy. Better know as Dirk Benedict by most of our audience.
I met Dirk back in September at Comic Con in SLC. We talked for a long time, but not about his acting career… about alternative health, about government out of control, and about kids.

I asked Dirk if he would consider coming on our Podcast, and he said, “Nobody cares what I have to say… I wrote a book 30 years ago on how I cured my own cancer… nobody cares.”
I explained to Dirk that nobody reads anymore, but that there is a huge movement toward alternative healing, healthful diets, and that more people are taking personal responsibility for their own health every day.
I told him that people DO want to hear what he has to say, and that on FUDC, he doesn’t have to pull any punches.

Since we spoke in September, I have ignored the fact that nobody reads, and have almost finished writing my own book, which should be finished in December or January. The name of my book is “Parenting with a Purpose”, and I’m sure that Dirk would agree with most of it. In fact, I might send him a pre-release copy, since he is one of the few people I know who reads, and understands the concept of parenting with a purpose.

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FUDC Food, Health, and Public Schools

Fran, John, Dale, and special guest Erin, in studio in Salt Lake City.

We discuss fast foods, and why McDonalds’ fries in US are a different recipe that in their UK restaurants. We also discuss macrobiotics, Justin Bieber, John Taylor Gato, Dirk Benedict, brainwashing, social engineering, homeschooling, and public schools.

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FUDC Utah Sheriffs secret meetings discovered

Fran, John, and Dale in studio. Daniel calls in with an exclusive story. Thanks to a www.UTGUNRIGHTS.com contributor, we have learned through a GRAMMA request that the Utah Sheriff met in secret and voted against pro-gun legislation. Despite the media reporting that they supported the legislation, they were working in secret to defeat the bill.

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Desparate Measures November 5th

Fran, Dale, and John in studio in SLC. Discussing a number of issues and some desperate measures. Enjoy with your favorite adult beverage.

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FUDC Nov 4 2013 Discrimination

Fran, John, and Dale in studio after a month of radio silence. Just some simple stories, discrimination debate, whiskey induced free for all.

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FUDC Podcast 91713

Fran and Dale in studio

FUDC Podcast 91713

1 – Denton Texas School Books change meaning of the 2nd amendment.